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Six things to avoid when selling your home

There are a lot of things to do when preparing to sell your home. However, these six common mistakes are commonly made by sellers. Avoid these things and you will be ahead of the rest.

Avoid putting the home on the market before its ready.
This often happens when the seller gets impatient or procrastinates and gets himself up against a moving deadline. When this happens the home comes on the market without being touched up, bad carpet, clutter around the house, yard in disarray, and is not up to its full potential.  Marketing a home is just like anything else in the sense that presentation is everything so it is vital to get this work done before marketing the property.

Avoid over improving the home for the neighborhood.

When you complete an addition or upgrade, make sure it is comparable to what is in the neighborhood. Sales price is determined by what is selling in the neighborhood and if you are the biggest most upgraded home on the market then it is very likely you will not get out of the house what you put in.
Avoid hiding problems or not disclosing them. When filling out your Seller Property Disclosure Statement (SPDS), fill it out completely and honestly as possible. Accidentally or intentionally covering up or not disclosing a defect or issue with the home can lead to a seller being sued later down the road. Just because a home has an issue, doesn’t make it unsellable.

Avoid hiring an agent based on non-business factors.

Make sure you are hiring a professional with a proven track record. It might be nice to hand your largest asset over to your nephew who just got his license or a friend who does real estate part time but make sure they have a good mentor to keep your deal from going south.

Avoid pricing the home on what you want to net.

This is a pricing strategy that fails more times than not. A seller can control the asking price but not the sales price. The sales price is determined by the black and white reality of the market. If a seller feels like they must have a certain price that the market will not bear then it would be wise to wait until the market improves to their price point.

Avoid getting emotionally involved in the sale of the home.

This is one on the tougher challenges a home owner faces. Once you decide to sell your home, it is no longer a home, but a commodity and needs to be prepared as such. A seller has to understand that memories and sentimental value does not translate to market value. Buyers are going to come into the home, go through the things they like and don’t like, and a seller can not get offended or upset by the buyer’s opinion. When emotion comes into play, sellers usually lose money.