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Not sure what to expect when selling a home? The information below will give you an idea of what to expect and following these simple steps will save you money. Your Desert North Realty agent will help you along the way to ensure that you maximize your profit.

Fix Up Your Home
    • First impressions are HUGE! Contracts can be lost before the buyers even get out of their car. It is important to make sure your home has curb appeal.
      • Keep the grass mowed
      • Hedges and trees trimmed
      • Weeds pulled
    • Touch up the interior and exterior paint.
    • Clean the carpet, if necessary, consider replacing.
    • If you have excess furniture or belongings, it is wise to pack them up and move them to storage.

List Your Home
    • Have the home ready for pictures to be taken by cleaning the home and removing any clutter.
    • A Desert North Realty agent will prepare all of the listing paperwork for you to sign.
    • Complete the Seller Property Disclosure Statement to the best of your knowledge. This is a form provided by your agent that will ask all about your home.
    • Review the MLS listing after your agent completes it for accuracy.

Showing Your Home
    • It is very important to step outside or make yourself scarce during the showing. A lot of folks feel uncomfortable looking through your bedroom while you are standing right behind them.
    • Keep the home picked up and free of any odors.
    • Open the blinds or window coverings and let the natural light into the home.
    • If you have dogs, take them for walk while the potential buyers are in your home

Reviewing Offers
    • All offers will be a little different as there are many elements involved.
    • Some important things to consider when reviewing offers:
      • Earnest Money
      • Type of financing
      • Close of escrow date
      • Seller Concessions
    • Don’t be afraid to counter an offer with more favorable terms.
    • Accept the offer that works best for you!

Under Contract
    • A buyer will order an inspection and an appraisal. Do your best to allow quick access to property for both of those professionals.
    • After the inspection, the buyer may ask for some repairs to be done. At this point, your agent will help you negotiate those repairs.
    • Since you accepted a contract, you will know when the close of escrow date is so this is the time for you to start preparing to move.
    • A couple of days before the close of escrow, the buyer will do their final walk-thru to ensure the repairs were completed and the home is still in the same shape as when they made their offer.

    • Closing for the seller is a pretty easy process.
    • You will go to the title company and sign all of your final paperwork.
    • Set your utilities to be turned off.
    • Leave additional keys, garage door openers, mailbox keys, names and numbers of professionals that service your pool or yard, or any other information that the buyer may need in a place they can easily locate.