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Desert North Realty is a brokerage that was built by real estate agents for real estate agents. Our company is not run by a corporate CEO who has never truly sold real estate and whose sole focus is maximizing the company's profit while minimizing the agents. Instead, we have created a Profit Share structure where every one of our team members can earn over and above 100% of their personal commissions.

Desert North is designed to be a vessel for real estate agents to have a place to operate their business without carrying the entire expense of overhead on their own. We use a portion of the commission retained by the company to fund the Profit Share plan and any unused portion will be dedicated to the infrastructure and advancing innovation allowing us to increase our commissions as agents.

"I love that with Desert North you are able to do Real Estate on your own time at your own pace and without all the unnecessary time-wasting activities and requirements. I truly feel that at the drop of a hat any single person here would be willing to help me if needed with the biggest to the smallest issues and would do it without thinking twice."

Your Day 1 Toolkit



Our custom-built proprietary system that combines all the winning features of all CRM systems that are available. Communicate with prospects and clients for any predetermined length of time


Personalized Website

A site built just for you! Your listings will be showcased while providing your clients with built in tools such as Home Finder and the Home Evaluator. Lead Capture is build through out to ensure your leads are nurtured from the beginning. Example



We know the paperwork seems to be never-ending but with Brokermint, agents can see all the required forms needed for each transaction. This ensures that no detail is missed and your transactions close on time.

Commission and Profit Share

Desert North pays an 80/20 split with a cap of $15,000 a year paid to the company. This means that on every one of your closings, you will keep 80% and pay the company 20%. This will continue until you have paid the company $15,000. After that, you will retain 100% of your commission.

Since Desert North is designed by real estate agents for real estate agents, the company's 20% of each deal is allocated to the Profit Share plan that we have designed. This allows the agent to create a passive income stream through leverage.

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